Group events

Dinner Party for celebrating the New year 2019. (Jan. 2019)

Happy birthday to Zhu Di. (Jan. 2019)

Zhang lab playing honorable person CS with Yuchi lab. (Nov. 2018)

Zhang lab attended the 16th Chinese Biophysics Congress in Chengdu, China (Aug 24-27, 2018)

Zhang Lab attended the YanZhao Science Forum and the 3rd Chinese Bio-Trace Element Conference in Shijiazhuang (Aug. 1-3, 2018)


Fairware Party for Chunyu, Cuixia, Le and Jun

Regalia photos for Cuixia and Gaoqun

Zhang lab Bowling with the Yuchi lab

Zhang lab happy hour

Biking @ the ShenZhen Bay, ShenZhen City

Zhang lab Spring outting—Picnic at Xiqing Park

Birthday Party

Zhang lab Ski trip